is a process designed to help parties resolve their dispute without going to court. 

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a process designed to assist people in resolving issues arising from their divorce.  Using mediation gives people the opportunity to make their own arrangements for parenting of children and for distribution of their property and debt - rather than relying on a solution imposed by a Judge.


Vigo County Program

The Divorce Mediation Consultation Program is a joint project of the Dispute Resolution Center and the Vigo County Superior Courts. 

The program is designed to help people going through a divorce:

1. identify issues in their case of which they may not be aware, and 

 2. provide information about the benefits of divorce mediation.


2021 Program Dates

Jan. 20, 2021     Feb. 10, 2021  Mar. 3, 2021  

Mar. 24, 2021    Apr. 14, 2021

May 5, 2021

May 26, 2021

June 16, 2021

July 7, 2021

July 28, 2021

Aug, 18, 2021

Sept. 8, 2021

Sept. 29, 2021

Oct. 20, 2021

Nov. 10, 2021

Dec. 1, 2021

Dec. 22, 2021

All presentations are one hour long and begin at 4:30 p.m., and will be conducted by ZOOM until further notice.  Meeting ID:  450 017 6223.   Please contact the Dispute Resolution Center at 812-233-4082  or by email at to make your reservation.  You will need to provide us with your name, phone number, email address, and the cause number of your case.  We will email you a link to the meeting.  You may attend alone or with your spouse.  There is no charge for the presentation.  All persons going through a divorce in Vigo County are welcome to attend, and some are required to attend per Local Rule and Court Order.  All persons going through a divorce in Sullivan, Clay, Putnam, Parke,  or Vermillion County are also welcome to attend.